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Custom Embroidered Hat

$45.00 Inclusive of Taxes

Send us your design. For example: Only Navy Seal Emblem, US Navy and Navy Seal Emblem…. Design your hat. CUSTOM NAVY EMBROIDERED HATS. Scrambled eggs are available. 100% Made in USA hat with adjustable back. Call us at 703-413-6289 or send us email to [email protected] for YOUR SHIP HAT and more details. Our customized ball caps have been a mainstay at Ship’s Hatch for decades. We can custom embroider a ball cap for any USN/USCG ship that ever sailed. The caps include a silhouette for the ship. We have had about 16,000 ships in our history so you can imagine how many silhouettes we have embroidered. We are happy to ship out merchandises to you.


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